Gracious Pad Thai

Here comes the grand opening of Thailand, a dish long applauded by people all over the world with each and every ingredient reflective of pure Thai legacy. We call this Pad Thai. Paradoxically, having “Thai” in its name automatically labels this dish as representative of national identity, but it actually holds inspirational heritage from Chinese roots.


Being slightly tangy, not salty or spicy are core values that heralds Pad Thai as the most respectable dish of Thailand, suiting all types of taste buds. A map of Thailand truly unfolds when cooking a Pad Thai as this dish pays courtesy in utilising fine basic ingredients from traditional Thai cuisine. Indulging a fiery phoenix colour, Pad Thai pleases a sheer fraction of tastebuds due to its emblem of sour tamarind and tangy lime along with a gentle sweet punch. A spillage in ingredients available worldwide has proliferated a congestion of Pad Thai recipes; but rest assured as this is a recipe that will not go unnoticed! It is important to not go over or under board with particular ingredients-a stupendous Pad Thai should incorporate a sufficient blend of its compartments. Another key to remember is to not take too long in cooking Pad Thai otherwise they can become dry, though you could rectify this by adding gentle splashes of water to rebalance moisture. This dish is a stark reminder of the ease in bringing brightful Thai flavours into our kitchen by making use of locally available ingredients.
Bon Voyage on your journey into the wonderful world of Pad Thai!

Variation: for a vegetarian feast, replace chicken with firm tofu. Deep fry tofu first to toughen it up, then add to Pad Thai at the same time as seasoning.

Pad Thai recipes serves 2

Serves 3-4

Pad Thai
Rice Noodles 300g
Coconut Oil 3 tbs
Prawns shells removed 200g
Red Onion peeled, halved & very thinly sliced 1
Eggs 2
Roasted Salty Peanut 2 tbs
Beansprout 100g
Spring Onions thinly sliced 3

Fish Sauce 1 tbs
Tamarind Paste 2 tbs
Sriracha Sauce or Tomatoes Sauce/Ketchup 4 tbs
Lime Juice 4 tbs
Lime Wedges 4



  1. Soak noodles in water for 20 minutes and allow to soften. Then drain.
  2. Heat a wok with oil on medium. Once hot, add noodles and cook until they soften (around 2 minutes). Add prawns and allow it to become cooked (turning white) before adding red onions. Cook for a minute until fragrant.
  3. Create a space on the wok and crack in egg, mix well so that it scrambles before combining with noodles.
  4. On low heat, add remaining ingredients, including all of seasoning except for lime wedges. Combine until fully incorporated. Transfer onto a serving plate and add wedges of lime per serving.

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