Kale Fried Rice

Something with great admiralty about Thailand is the ease in finding locally available greens from home; not on the other side of the world, nor in neighbouring countries, but right here in the heart of the country. Doing so, allows us to feel more onerous, attached to the very soil we are on and of course intertwined to a web of natural surroundings. It is atypical of Thai dishes to utilise whichever local ingredients are available, be it seasonal or transported from short distances. If drought of famine were an interrupting issue then possible is sustenance through steamed rice and fish sauce. It is thus fortunate for us to be able to select any ingredients we want and have it ‘today’ in a short manner of time so to speak.

Particular in this case is fried rice that conforms of jasmine rice with a european produce: kale. Fried rice is made instantly (usually) at homes in Thailand, and so here we bring that very tradition into your kitchen. This dish documents Thai cooking at its basic, yet exciting, level with few ingredients and little of exotic spices, though at the same time not forgetting to achieve a comforting and delicious flavour. You can substitute both vegetables and rice with any other that you prefer and just follow the same method. This dish is a legacy of simple Thai cooking, a visual record of living when one wasn’t exposed to the burst of secret ingredients available elsewhere in the world!

Kale Fried Rice, serves 2


Serves 2

Coconut Oil 1 tbs
Garlic crushed, peeled & finely chopped 4 Cloves
Red Onions peeled & finely chopped 150g
Kale tough stems removed 200g
Jasmine Rice steamed 200g
Dried Red Chillies crushed 5 (or more)
Mint Leaves a few to garnish

Light Soya Sauce 2 tbs
Fish Sauce 1 tbs
Salt to taste

  1. Heat pan or wok with oil. As oil heats, add garlic and red onions, and stir to release flavours. Then add kale and allow to soften.
  2. Add steamed jasmine rice along with all of seasoning. Mix thoroughly. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary.
  3. Transfer kale fried rice onto a serving plate and sprinkle top with dried chillies and mint (optional).



2 thoughts on “Kale Fried Rice

    • Thank you for your question April, a drizzle is fine, and you can add stock or water if rice gets dry. This is so that you don’t end up with an oily fried rice. I recommend sesame oil, smells so good and is healthy! Let me know how it goes! 🙂


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