Lemongrass-Got It Good

Lemongrass is a herb used in Thai cookery in addition to other asian cuisines. The plant presents itself as a long branch of turquoise-green hue at the and elicits a bolder colour towards the top. It is sturdy, tough and fibrous. Particular in Thai cuisine, lemongrass is used to to add a bout of citrus fragrant in dishes such as Tom Yum Soup and a diverse range of Curry Pastes. Its sour jazz is obtained either through slicing thinly or by being pounded in a pestle and mortar to extract fruitful flavours buried deep within the skeleton of the herb. Aside from providing a gentle kick to dishes, Lemongrass is potent in a variety of health properties and here are just a few to name.


Cell Renewal: Abundant in antioxidants, Lemongrass accommodates with the cleansing of blood and stimulates regeneration of cells as well as supporting DNA synthesis.

Detox: Lemongrass plays a primitive role in aiding the cleaning and deterring of toxic waste from our body due to its diuretic properties. This then gives room for maintenance of a good digestive health, crucial to eating.

Sleep: Facilitating with relaxation of muscles and nerves, Lemongrass has been known to calm our body down in prep for a long night of deep sleep.

Aromatherapy: Not only only is Lemongrass good for consumption but they contain essential oils and antiseptic properties that is translated into oil and other skincare products to rejuvenate our minds and souls.

We are fortunate to be able to find Lemongrass all over the world these days, notably in asian grocery stores. Start using this special herb today and you will feel the benefits instantly. Prepare by chopping off tough bottom and top ends, and peel outer thick fibrous tissue. Slice or pound as you wish.

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