Prik Nam Pla (Spice-Infused Fish Sauce)

Prik Nam Pla is a fish sauce that is infused with spice from chopped bird’s eye chilli. Although Prik Nam Pla could be used to vamp up any dish, it is a sauce generally added to rice dishes that need some seasoning to its subtle flavours, for example rice with a stir-fry (Gra Pow), or fried rice (Kao Pad Kai). Noodles, however tend to have all its seasoning in place.

Prik Nam Pla can be found on the middle of the dining table anywhere in Thailand-think of this sauce as a Thai version of table salt, but as a liquid essence. Homecooks and chefs all have their own touch to a Prik Nam Pla, whether its different kind of chillies or excessive squirts of lime juice used. Whichever style you see, they often revolve around a trio of fish sauce, lime juice and chillies. Prik Nam Pla is always made fresh or replaced from their jars often to allow for the best flavour from freshly chopped chillies. No cooking requested, just mise en place! For an ideal setup of a Thai dinner table, always place a pot of this sauce in the center.

Serves 2

Fish Sauce 4 tbsp
Lime cut into squeezable pieces 1 piece
Small Bird’s Eye Chilli thinly chopped 1 piece

Pour fish and lime juice together into a serving pot. Sprinkle chopped chillies on top.

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