Fresh Juices Draining My Pocket

Fresh fruit juices have seen an uproar in popularity all over metropolitan areas, ranging from simplistic flavours to ingredients we’ve never heard of. They sell it everywhere you go: juice chains, independent coffee shops and healthy food stores. There isn’t a reason in arguing why this particular product isn’t healthy. It is basically loaded with essential nutrients vital for our bodies. But the question remains, why is it that fresh juices are deadly expensive when we can easily liquidate our own version at home?

Soft drinks, carton juices, mineral water, lousy beer…any of these are most of the time less than half the price of a fresh juice. Some may say that the perpetual rise in prices of fresh juices are associated with high demand and some think that it is simply an overpriced product. As far as we are concerned, refreshing ourselves with a healthy beverage is a cost and it is best to fathom why this is so.

According the sellers, they emphasise that a small glass of fresh juice is potent in a staggering number of fruits and vegetables. When ingredients are squashed through, only a fraction is converted to juice. Indeed, those aesthetically-assuring juices at grocery stores that claim to be pure also contain water and liquids to pump up the volume. Another reason for shocking juice prices is the stability of the product. It is better for them to be made fresh otherwise if made in advance, bright flavours will slowly recede and its appearance will also change. Therefore, requests for fresh juice requires immediate pressing and squashing. Also, the machine used to make these colourful liquid isn’t cheap. A blender won’t do, that will just formulate thick smoothies. You need cold pressers or juicers, in which a good quality one call for an investment. Needless to say, fruits (more than vegetables) are expensive in general and it makes sense that whatever it converts to will also reveal a similar price tag, if not more.

It is clear that fresh juices are expensive. If you have time to make this at home then great. But if you are out and about and being faced with drink options that are strikingly different in price then this is where the quality-price rules apply.

…I think i’m gonna go for a cocktail.

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