Top 3 English Tea Dunking

Tea please. No sugar. Just milk. Thank you.

If you are a keen tea drinker, you must already know the wisdoms in dunking food into your tea and treasuring that entire moment as if it is the best part of your day (it usually is). Dunking gives a new flavour to food, an enriching experience to be enjoyed solely. It is a home behaviour that you would even consider doing in public. Drinking tea is definitely one of life’s best pleasures. Available anytime and anywhere, this hot beverage gives us a chance to relax, unwind and feel as if we are in our own sanctuary of some sort (in our brain).

We have scoured tea fans (english tea in particular) and ask which food they like best to dunk. There were all sorts of answers, including bananas, chips and sweets. Here, we have chosen the top 3 that we heard from. How about you? Does yours fall under these category?

  1. Custard Creams
  2. Cookies
  3. Malted Milk


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