Hello and welcome to Bank Foods!

Come and explore the magic of food with us. How exactly? Well, we have a desire to find out more about food, from all areas of the food chain. This can incorporate many values from business to culture to lifestlye.

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We seek to find intriguing details about the food industry that is rarely heard of on a day-to-day basis. We enjoy sitting in a coffee shop and watching people order their beverage. We like noticing how restaurants perform. We love going behind closed doors to see what really happens in the kitchen. We like rummaging through people’s fridge.

We don’t want to create recipes just for the sake of it. At the most unexpected time, we find inspiration from food and this is when we share recipes. We certainly don’t want to preach people on how they should eat, but we find that wholesome ingredients are what your body appreciates and thus leading to a healthy lifestyle. There is no particular rule we always follow, but we are adamant in using ingredients that have not been processed or refined, especially when cooking with oil and sugar for example. Indeed, some recipes may appear dairy- or gluten-free and this usually happens when they naturally fall into this category without us purposefully trying to find an alternative. We don’t have a strong definition of “healthy” but we acknowledge that food should be as close to nature as possible.

The source of our food has never been more important to us. We avoid using meat & fish that have been intensely farmed and instead we go for free-range/wild variety. We believe in the use of good quality, sustainable ingredients in its best form. This means vegetation that have not been drenched in chemical fertilisers or genetically modified. Using organic ingredients are not just good for our body, but they prevent the destruction of our environment. Indeed, one’s attitude towards a more environmental-friendly living may seem miniscule, but it is our duty in caring about food and supporting each other.

We hope you are inspired by our approach to food. Thank you for visiting Bank Foods x

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